Winning cost structure (appropriate to the need)

Erdner 3PL offers a lean and highly competitive cost model, with unlimited options for space, flex space and lease term. All too often we see clients with unique requirements and budgetary constraints that require flexible alternatives that many standard cost and warehousing models cannot facilitate effectively. This is especially evident with startups, small scale and/or short term engagements. Many of the rigid boiler plate cost structures offered by the competition do not enable cost effective startup opportunities or flexibility in an ever changing, fast paced and highly competitive environment. It is paramount to our success and yours that we provide win/win options that are agreeable, flexible, and sustainable.


Erdner Bros., Inc. owns and (in some cases) may lease, build or purchase buildings and properties to suit the client need. Warehouse space is modular and can be manipulated in many ways to accommodate the need. Examples include:

  • Open floor plan
  • Racked configuration
  • Unique internal office configuration or location
  • Temperature controls for sensitive product full warehouse or partitioned areas
  • Etc.

Additionally, occupation options are flexible and consistent with your need Examples Include:

  • Short and long term lease
  • Full warehouse occupation managed by the client (either for storage or operations)
  • Full warehouse occupation managed by Erdner 3PL (either for storage or operations)
  • Joint warehouse occupation managed by Erdner 3PL
  • Partitioned warehouse space managed by either client or Erdner 3PL
  • Etc.

What to Know at Engagement

When seeking a warehouse service provider it best to know as much possible about the product and delivery requirements, optimal warehouse conditions for product storage and preservation, anticipated volumes, order size, tracking systems and IT needs (Erdner Bros., Inc. can supply), anticipated throughput, and any vision/projection for growth. This is typically easier when transitioning existing business as opposed to standing up new and unproven operations. With that in mind, it is even more critical to work with warehouse providers offering expertise from experience, and are open to flexibility and scalable options for the immediate and long term.

Transitioning From an Existing Warehouse

Not only do we provide cost-effective warehouse space at considerable cost savings and logistical advantage, we can also: