Erdner 3PL has value driven distribution services.

These services provide cost-effective and hand free service for managing your product and assuring seamless supply chain continuity. The scope of service is completely scalable, and we offer full value added custom configuration services for your products and handling. Erdner Bros., Inc. has leading-edge service delivery without the high cost. We employ our own development team that builds and supports the greatest inventory management systems and integration models using the latest technologies and platforms.


In the fast pace world of supply chain and optimal end client satisfaction, complete visibility is paramount. Key decision making and agility enables proactive risk management, drives down cost, maximizes profit, and better assures continuity to the end consumer. A core feature of Erdner Bros., Inc. managed distribution services is total client transparency. We are committed to providing a model of optimal “real-time” visibility of inventory, processing status and quality result.

The Erdner 3PL team deploys the latest technology, integrates with client systems, develops automation, and implements structured process to deliver on total client transparency. Real-time data is critical. However if it’s not highly visible, immediately accessible, properly delivered and meaningful to your mission, it’s not maximizing your opportunity. Let us work with you to determine what’s meaningful to your organization and mission.


While we offer generic pricing structures and options that assure guaranteed space (if applicable), we also provide flexible contracts and terms to better facilitate custom solutions.

Small Scale and Startups

If you have a small-scale operation, starting a new venture, or looking to transition into a distribution model, we can help by leveraging a dedicated ‘multi-client’ hub. A cost-effective alternative to the standard offerings across the industry.

Erdner 3PL has modeled a centric ‘multi-client’ hub, whereby multiple client inventories are securely managed in a single warehouse footprint by a dedicated staff and common tools. All inventories remain independently isolated physically and virtually. This option protects your organization from the rigid contract minimums and terms often centered on square footage (that you may never require).

Value Added Services