Erdner 3PL offers very economical consulting services centered on:

It’s critical to stay on the leading edge of service delivery, which can also be a very costly and continuous investment process. Consulting is a quick and cost effective alternative to overspending time and money, by leveraging experience, expertise, and outside perspective temporarily. Please contact us with any consulting needs.

Development: All software solutions must be engineered to best mitigate high switching costs and impacts as technology continues to evolve.

Data, the immediate and easy access to data, and the proper presentation of data are key differences in service delivery today. What worked yesterday may not be comprehensive enough to survive the competitive climate tomorrow. “Mastering your data” must be tightly coupled with “The ability to grow and customize your systems cost effectively” and “Assuring business and systems continuity.” Our development team can survey, design, create and maintain any size application to realize your data needs and beyond.

Our service range from simple automation and desktop apps to full scale integrated inventory management systems and cloud solutions. Erdner Bros., Inc. has the experience and vision to see your projects forward effectively and with agility. (We even assist with spreadsheet and database tools and automation.)

In house development challenges:

  • The ability to predict total cost. (short and long term.)
  • The ability to control costs
  • Overall expense – good talent does not come cheap, test bed investments may be required, and design and build software is costly and ever changing
  • Utilization – if you hire on, do you have enough projects to assure full utilization month over month and year over year?

Canned software solution challenges:

  • Most are built at a high level to serve a broad market. It is inevitable that canned solutions will require customization. (COST and TIME.)
  • Compatibility – will there be opportunity for the canned solution to share data with other software? (Wouldn’t it be nice if your time tracking software could share data with your inventory management system to provide powerful productivity metrics?)