Erdner 3PL originated from a “one truck” transportation company in Swedesboro NJ.

Originally founded by Rick and Larry Erdner in 1960, the family ‘owned and operated’ company grew its reputation and client base delivering high quality and reliable transportation service for area vegetable farmers and a global food company headquartered in Camden, NJ.

The Erdner brothers expanded their service portfolio to include additional logistical needs, local dry storage, product configuration, distribution services, refrigerated transportation, and even establishing a distribution hub in Woodstown, NJ with necessary rail service.

Over the next decades, the Erdner team grew its fleet, infrastructure, culture and capability in a manner to serve a broad scope of clients, including;
  • Transportation and product distribution for many industry verticals; Energy, Automotive, Foods, Agriculture, General Commodities, etc.
  • Local storage and warehouse solutions for a variety distributors and local merchants
  • Lease options for Tractor and/or trailer parking (for individuals and fleets), Warehouses, shared space, etc.

Throughout the journey, Erdner Bros., Inc. has remained family owned and operated.  The Erdner team has embraced the importance of traceable, reliable, and predictable service delivery in a climate of constant change.  Through industry understanding and strong client communication, Erdner 3PL offers an agile service delivery model built on a solid foundation of controls with quality programs and concepts such as ISO 9001 and ITIL framework.
“We enable great people and process to meet and exceed expectations – always!”

Industry Certifications
  • Product Integrity Requirements for major US Energy Corporation 3PIM
  • ISO 9001/2008
  • ISO 9001/2015

Core Values

We are very committed to a business model that;
  • Remains agile and unrestricted
  • Anticipates and embraces change in competitive service delivery, technology advances, and control requirements
  • Incorporates industry standard quality and controls for reliable and repeatable results
  • Provides the flexibility, ease of communication, and personal touch of the still family owned business
  • Assures mutually beneficial outcomes (Win/Win)
  • Drives improvement and brings forward opportunities to reduce cost and enhance client satisfaction
  • Transparency of data, processing, and results
  • Maintains exceptional On Time Delivery Rating

  Erdner Bros., Inc.